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General Questions and Answers

  • Getting Started with HOMETRESS

    To get started with your home cleaning appointment, you can simply call us at 215-607-7361 and speak to our representative to schedule your next cleaning. You can also safely book an appointment online with our 60-second booking form. Just type in:

    • Your zip code.
    • The number of rooms you want clean.
    • Extra cleaning tasks.
    • Other quick information.
  • Are your cleaners vetted and insured?

    Yes, our cleaners are insured. Not only that, but HOMETRESS’s professional cleaners are also carefully vetted and go through a background check. We do all of this because we want to make sure that you’re getting only the best cleaners for the job.

  • How many cleaners will show up?

    To ensure that your house will be spot-clean, our cleaners will work in teams of two. Our professionals will perform a detailed cleaning of each room and won’t leave until it’s done. However, in some situations, we may send a single cleaner - especially for basic jobs such as regular house cleaning, individual cleaning tasks or small to medium homes. 

  • Do you provide any cleaning supplies?

    Yes! Each team will bring their cleaning supplies to clean your home. But if you prefer to use your own cleaning supplies, then we won’t mind that at all! All you have to do is specify what type of supplies you want to be used inside your home during the booking process. HOMETRESS provides:

    • Normal products.
    • Green products.
    • And an option to provide your own products.
  • What is your cancellation policy?

    From the time you book your cleaning, our cleaners prepare themselves to provide your home with the best cleaning job possible. But If you wish to cancel your appointment with HOMETRESS, you have up to 24 hours before the expected cleaning date to cancel your booking. Otherwise, there is a fee of $50 for any cancelations under the 24-hour deadline.

  • What is White Glove Guarantee?

    HOMETRESS promises that you will be delighted with our work. Our skilled cleaners will make sure to make your home into the fresh and clean oasis you deserve. We guarantee that when our cleaners leave, your home would be able to pass any white glove test. And if you’re not satisfied, we will stand by our work and offer another cleaning to make it right.


Hometress is such a great company! They went out of there way to accommodate on a last-minute re-schedule, which is such a wonderful thing to do! I was moving into a new apartment and was a move in clean. Their team was professional and on-time. They deep cleaned every corner and scrub every surface. I am absolutely grateful for this company!


Such an amazing service, they are always a pleasure when they come to my home. I especially love that the team left a small note for me. They are very accommodate to re-scheduling and the booking process is easy. I am very satisfied with the service and looking forward to using Hometress in the future.


We’ve been using Hometress these past few weeks and our team is always great! They are always doing a great and wonderful job! Coming home from a long-days of work and able to smell a clean home. They have such a great staff! I almost always get a quick response, whether it’s calling or emailing. The person I dealt with is friendly and understanding. I’m extremely impressed.


Hometress is a great company when cleaning my small apartment in center city. They performed a one-time deep clean at such an affordable rate compared to other services. They keep things well-maintained and organized. Our cleaner, Pauline was so sweet and did a perfect job to our place. Highly recommended this service to anyone in the Philadelphia area.


Courtney in her team did an amazing job at our house today. I’ve been living in this apartment for 3-years and needed a deep home cleaning. I was able to get in touch with Homeress to setup an appointment. They were on-time and punctual. Coutney team showed and made the apartment look even more better than when I moved in it! I would highly recommend this service to anyone!


Everytime Hometress staff came to my house, they did an amazing jobs! I’m glad I made the right decision, as I’ve used many cleaning services before and they all did subpar. I’m currently using Hometress to do bi-weekly cleaning after my first deep cleaning. They made sure they went around the house and cleaned every area in sight! They were friendly and polite! I highly recommend!


I loved my experience with Hometress. Meghan did an amazing job when it comes to my house, with two kids that run around and create stains all over the place. I first purchased a deep home clenaing and they scrubbed every-single corner, the house was spotless! Everything is always sparklingly clean when I come back home with the kids and everything Is exactly the way I like.


These guys are GREAT! I first booked a few days ago after posting my apartment in Airbnb after taking a trip out of town. After receiving a few reservations, Hometress came out and they handled all the initial cleanings wonderfully. When I came back to the, the apartment was beautifully clean and inviting. They cleaned all the cabinets and containers. They tipped down the surfaces and dust every area!


With work and being in school, having two dogs and a little baby, I found It hard to clean myself with a busy schedule to regularly clean. I’ve never used a clenaing service before, so at first I was skeptical, but I’m glad I chose Hometress before anyone else since I’m a control freak and want things done a certain way. Once I booked, the team was professional and did an exceptional job at following my instructions!

white glove guarantee


Deciding who to let clean your home? This step can be a crucial decision. And Hometress understands that it can be hard to find that one perfect cleaning service you can trust. There are a lot of companies out there who want to be hired by you. But if you’re not careful, you’ll be stuck with a lot of problems that waste your time. Anything from lousy customer service to lazy cleaners can make your experience miserable. You’re opening your house to a person, and you want to know if they can do the job right and on time. With Hometress, you won’t ever have to worry about these issues. We believe that you are entitled to a cleaning service that has your back.

We’re committed to making your home clean and healthy. That’s why with our White Glove Guarantee, our Hometress cleaners are dedicated to doing the job right no matter what. And if you aren’t delighted with the work we’ve done, we’ll come back and offer you a “make it right” cleaning. We make sure that you will be satisfied. Don’t waste your time on the others. Hire Hometress for a superior service that you can trust.

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If you want your home cleaned the right way, you want someone who’s committed to making your space spotless. But how do you know if that person is good enough for your home? Giving you the perfect cleaner is our commitment we will make to you. Hometress promises that you’ll never be given a cleaner who is not 100% dedicated to making your home free of all dirt and grime. We boast a line of cleaners that are the best of the best in their field. Our professionals go through a thorough vetting and screening process, only accepting those with expert knowledge and skill to clean your home.

After carefully choosing our cleaners through multiple meetings, we pick the right ones that we know will do the best cleaning job for your home. You won’t ever have to worry about the quality of our service after our cleaners leave. We promise that they won’t walk out of your home until every room you want to clean is spotless. No skipping steps or low-quality work. All our cleaners will provide a fantastic service that respects your home and privacy. With Hometress, great, high-quality work and communication are what makes our professional cleaners better than the rest.

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Your goal is to own a clean home for you and your family. And you want a cleaning service that can make that possible. Hometress is the number one cleaning service in Philadelphia that will ensure that your home is healthy and clean. We believe it when we say, “HOMETRESS is here to make your life worry-free because a clean space is a healthy space.” We know that having a clean house is not only about the look of your space but also about the health benefits that come with it. Making a space safe for you and your family will give you peace of mind that you never thought you could have.

When you choose Hometress, you can trust that our cleaners will show up every time, professional and ready to vacuum, dust, and do whatever needs to be done to help you create the perfect home. Our eco-friendly cleaning agents will leave your space free of harmful fumes while also killing bacteria that grab onto your home’s surfaces. Hometress is a reliable cleaning service that never abandons our customers. You can rest easy knowing that you will have a space where you and your family can finally breathe in the clean air.

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When you book a home cleaning, don’t you want it to be simple? Other services will make the cleaning process long and drawn out. There are too many steps and not enough communication. Eventually, it will make you give up and settle for a dirty home that deserves to be clean. But you won’t have that problem with us. Hometress believes that a cleaning service should make it as easy as possible to book and finish a professional cleaning for your house. So, how do we do this? From our site, you can quickly secure your next cleaning in only 60 seconds. We make the steps straightforward and easy to understand.

All you have to do is choose how many rooms you want to clean and add on any extra tasks you want to be done. And that’s it! Our professional cleaners will begin to prepare to enter your home at the specific time and day. And don’t worry, because cleaning doesn’t take much time either. Our organized process makes sure that our professional cleaners will go from one room to another, cleaning as they go. And when they’re done, the cleaners will leave you happy with the results. Don’t bother with complicated services again with our quick and easy process.