Our White Glove Guarantee

Satisfactory Guaranteed Work

At Hometress, we know that your home is where you should be the happiest. It should be where you laugh, talk, and watch your family grow. That is why we make an effort to rid your home of any dirt that will prevent you and your family from appreciating the space to the fullness. If you are unsure about hiring a home cleaning service for your home or office, know that you’re in good hands with Hometress.

With our white glove guarantee, we ensure that our work will always be satisfactory for you, your family, and your team. We at Hometress believe that not only will our work go above and beyond what you need, but that we will not leave any room unfinished. We put full trust in our cleaning professionals and maids, who are vetted and trained with years of experience. We will 100% stand by our work, proving to you that we will be your number cleaning service in Philadelphia, PA.

Service made right for you

We know that every home is different and that your house cleaning will differ from others depending on many factors. But you don’t have to worry about your needs getting neglected. Hometress believes in a high standard of work that is tailored made for you and your situation. Our cleaning service process is created to be a headache-free experience that will leave you satisfied. Our online booking service is there to help you with your cleaning needs.

From regular and deep cleaning to other services such as commercial and move in/out cleaning services, you can choose whatever is right for you right now. No matter what type of service you need, you can handpick from a variety of options for your space, making your cleaning customized to fit your needs. Through our process, we promise that you will be pleased by our fast and straightforward approach to getting you the clean home you deserve.

We'll Make it Right

Even though we have complete trust that the level of cleaning you will receive from us will be excellent, we at Hometress also know that not everything can go as smoothly as you would like. Our team and cleaners will also 100% back our work and effort. If something doesn’t go right or you are in any way unsatisfied with the quality of our work our professional cleaners have done, we will not hesitate to help make it right. Hometress makes it easy for you to get into contact and speak to us directly.

If you have a complaint of any kind, we will send our cleaners and maids back to your home to fix the problem. We take pride in our service and work and will not neglect your home or office space until you are 100% completely satisfied with the results. We promise you here at Hometress that our quality of service will make you happy you chose us for your housecleaning.

We'll listen to you

Many cleaning services will be neglectful when you try to contact them with a problem or concern. But with Hometress, you won’t have to worry about your voice not being heard. With our website, you can always get in touch with our team. If you are concerned about a specific matter or have a general comment about our work, you can let us know in no time. There are a variety of ways to reach us, from our phone number to our email, which you can find at the bottom of the page.

We guarantee that we will hear you and get back to you quickly. Don’t hesitate to tell us how we did. Our professional cleaners, maids, and the rest of the team value your time with us and want to know how we can improve ourselves in the future. No matter what you want to tell us, we will be here to listen to your feedback, concerns, and comments.