Center City House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service in Center City Philadelphia, PA

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Do you want a home that’s inviting? A home where you can share special memories with the ones that you love? Well, you’ve come to the right cleaning service. Hometress knows that your house is your castle, and we intend to treat it that way. We offer cleaning services that are perfect for your home needs. Get your center city cleaning service today!

Want a quick cleaning before a get-together? We can offer you a regular cleaning job. And if you feel that you want to reset your home with a detailed cleaning, we got your back with our deep cleaning house service. No matter what type of cleaning you need, we’re here to provide you with exactly what you need at the time you need it. There’s no need to stress over the lack of time for cleaning your home.

Hometress is here to wipe and clean every surface where dust ad grime accumulates. Don’t drain your energy on cleaning every day. With our cleaning services, you can finally enjoy a home that’s not only uniquely yours but also healthy for the entire family. 

Professional Team of Home Cleaners

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Hometress knows that finding the right cleaning service can be a tough job. There are so many things that can make you hesitant to book your first cleaning. One concern is dealing with unreliable cleaners who disregard your wishes. You won’t find that problem with us. We make sure that our professional cleaners are up to the job and can deliver the best cleaning service in your home. We chose our cleaners through a comprehensive selection process.

Our team ensures we pick cleaners who are experts in their field and can bring that to the front of your door. You can expect cleaning experts who are respectful towards your needs and listen to every wish that you have. From the time they come in, our cleaners are ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way, leaving your home spotless.

Easy To Use & Safe Online Booking

Hometress makes it simple to book an appointment for your cleaning anytime, anywhere. With our secure online form, you can make your cleaning appointment in only a couple of minutes. Booking is as simple as 1,2,3. Just tell us what cleaning you prefer, what rooms need cleaning, and any other options that you wish to have. No hassle. No worry. Everything is straightforward.

Have a question about something? Our customer service can help you with concerns you can think about. Hometress makes sure that we are here to answer any questions that you may have and more. Just contact us through phone or email and we’ll get back to you in no time. Enjoy a booking process that’s safe, reliable, and affordable with Hometress.

Our Mission

Center City, PA House Cleaning & Maid Services

Our mission is to make your home spotless every single time our professional cleaners leave your home. Other cleaning services fail to provide you with consistent cleanings, leaving you wanting a house that’s completely clean of dirt. With Hometress, our expert cleaners are dedicated to giving you quality work every time we enter your home.

Nothing will be overlooked or half-cleaned with us. We make sure that you get what you pay for with every single cleaning. You can rely on Hometress to provide quality cleaning to your home with our professional cleaners and effective cleaning solutions. So, expect to find a fresh and sparkling home when you walk into your home.

City Center Maid Cleaning Services

City Center is the cultural and historical epicenter of Philadelphia. With such a deep history, Hometress takes pride in cleaning your home and creating a space that fits right in this entertainment heart.

You can give your home a beautiful and fresh new beginning with our deep and regular cleaning services that are tailored just for you. Anywhere in City Center, we will be there to improve your home and make it a special place for you and your family as you also enjoy everything that City Center has to offer.

House Cleaning Service for City Center, Philadelphia

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Hometress wants to show you a different side to home cleaning services. Your house is more than a place to sleep. Home is where you can spend time and cook with your family, host gatherings with friends, play with your little furry friend, and enjoy some alone time with a book. In short, your home is everything to you and your family. Your home is your little oasis. At Hometress, we know how important it is to keep your space sparkling clean and healthy. We want to take the stress out of your day with a cleaning service that’s tailored to your needs.

Hometress respects your time. And that means providing you with a high-quality cleaning from start to finish. Get house cleaning that’s on time and thorough. Our guaranteed services promise you a perfectly cleaned home that you’ll be more than satisfied with. Hometress’ commitment is to your happiness. Our cleaning team strives to get the job done right. And if you’re not 100% satisfied with our work, we promise we will not stop until you’re completely happy with the finished product.

We provide everything that you need to keep your home fresh, whether you need a quick pass-through or a detailed cleaning. Our cleaners offer both regular cleanings and deep clean services that fit your schedule. Knowing that your home is in expert hands with our professional cleaning team who know exactly where dirt can hide in your home.

Hometress also offers commercial cleaning for your business, giving you and your team an office space that drives productivity. And with a rigorous choosing process, your cleaning team will go above and beyond to get your house back to a fresh space for you and the family to enjoy. If you are in the South Philadelphia area and looking for a cleaning service you can rely on, call us and learn how we can make your home a better place.