HOMETRESS Code of Conduct

At Hometress, we pride ourselves on high standards for both our staff and for the cleaning provided to our clients. Our code of conduct outlines what we expect from our cleaners including behavior, presentation, cleaning and training.


All cleaners are to behave with integrity and a strong sense of responsibility. This means being honest in both conduct and in relation to cleaning, doing what needs to be done for a given job and behaving in a manner that reflects well on the organization. 

When interacting with customers, you will be polite and friendly. Any inappropriate gestures or actions are not tolerated. In turn, we also don’t expect you to have to deal with comments or actions from customers that are inappropriate. Any such incidences should be escalated appropriately and we advocate immediately removing yourself from a space if you do not feel safe.  

Continual lateness will result in a reduction in hours and eventually termination. If you have a reason for being late, let us know. We can make adjustments to ensure that you arrive at a job on time if you discuss things with us before the lateness happens.       

In terms of behavior while on site and ‘clocked in’ as working for us, we do not condone our cleaners engaging in smoking and/or illegal activities.   


All cleaners are to present themselves tidily. While we do not supply a uniform, we do expect our cleaners to wear clothing that is both appropriate and casual. Plain trousers and shirts, uniform tunic tps and long-sleeved tops are among some of the suggested combinations. Footwear should be rubber-soled and comfortable enough for you to wear for the duration of your contracted cleaning.   Any damage to the clothing chosen due to poor maintenance is to be covered by the cleaner as an independent contractor.

All cleaners are to wear protective gear when cleaning including white gloves and an apron. Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, additionally, face shields, disposable gloves and masks are to be worn at all times while on a job. Long hair is to be tied back and away from the face.  We do not have a policy against non-natural hair colors or piercings but we expect a consistent sense of tidiness and smart presentation. 


When it comes to the cleaning itself, we provide checklists for the different types of cleaning services that we offer in addition to any adjustments and specifications made by the customer. As this can include detailing what products not to use in the case of allergens, we expect all cleaners to read the list of what is required on a job thoroughly before arrival.  More experienced cleaners can also use their own checklists so long as they cover what our own lists do at minimum.

For performance itself, higher standards of cleaning will result in more work and repeat bookings. On the other end of the scale, poor work will result in less work and eventually dismissal.  If the customer is not satisfied with the clean, a free ‘get it right’ clean will be done until they are satisfied. 


Given the high standard of cleaning that we expect our cleaners to provide, we are willing to support any further self-driven training or courses that will increase or specialize your cleaning skills. We are happy to work your cleaning around any training.  

This code of conduct is not exhaustive nor is it finite and set in stone. Further details will be gone into in the contract that you enter into with us upon being accepted as an independent contractor.